Veronica Soto | Program Director at Emerald Cities

Transparency and Accountability

Transparency provided through workforce reporting “allows elected officials and public agencies to quantify the economic and social impact that their programs have on local communities.” – Veronica Soto

Government funds invested on public infrastructure projects are not only a mechanism through which we can build our communities, they can be a catalyst for job creation. We can transform lives by building careers that will break the cycle of poverty.

How to contribute:

Agencies are creating objectives that require contractors to meet certain goals on hiring individuals from low-income areas. They are writing these goals into the project contracts. Working together with apprenticeship and workforce programs, we can ensure these goals are met.

All projects using LCPtracker for labor compliance have access to workforce reporting tools that allow organizations to measure the results of these hiring initiatives. This data can then be shared with other organizations to encourage further participation in other communities.