About LCPtracker, Inc.

LCPtracker, Inc. is emerging as the leading solution for the construction site compliance management industry. In 2001, the company began the development of a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, primarily focused on prevailing wage compliance. By 2006, LCPtracker clients exceeded one hundred as K-12 schools and universities, cities, and transit agencies began using our solution. In 2011, the company growth continued at a rapid pace, making LCPtracker the 77th fastest growing private company in Orange County, California recognized by the Orange County Business Journal. Our clients now include 20 of the top 50 cities in the USA, nine statewide DOTs, and 7 of the top 10 largest construction companies in the nation. We are trusted with the management of over $150 Billion in projects per year with more projects being added every day. LCPtracker is now proudly recognized as the 26th fastest growing company by the 2015 OC Business Journal with no decrease in growth anywhere in sight.

Much of our growing success is due to our hard-working staff. We pride ourselves with employing skilled and dedicated team members to produce and support the most advanced labor compliance software on the market. Every LCPtracker employee is given the tools necessary to promote professional growth. We strongly believe in cultivating people to be the best version of themselves, and this shines through in the enthusiasm every client has come to expect when dealing with a member of our staff.

All of this spirit is embodied in the Lighthouse. Since the pre-modern era, lighthouses have been a symbol for safe harbor, warnings for shallow waters, reefs or rocks, as well as a navigational aid for ships. In this way, LCPtracker is dedicated to being a light in the dark for construction compliance. Through education, training, and new-age solutions, we hope to guide our clients through the rough waters of labor laws and workforce reporting.