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Ignite 2019 Session Materials

Ignite 2019 Session Materials

Session Materials cannot be downloaded and are for review only

Prevailing Wage Compliance Risks: How LCPtracker Can Help - Aliecia & Michael, LCPtracker

Daily Reporter Training - Colin Hamilton & Neil Armour, LCPtracker

Game of Phones: A Prime Approver & Labor Compliance Story - Adam Strong, Michigan DOT

Advanced Admin Overview, Christina Nagel & Ryan Ronk, LCPtracker

California Prevailing Wage Law Update - Deborah Wilder, CCMI

Understanding Workforce Disparities at the Agency & Regional Levels - Betony Jones

Apprentices - Colin Hamilton, LCPtracker

Relentless Committment - Daniel Torres, Flintridge Center

Ask the Expert: CA - Deborah Wilder, CCMI

25 Tips for CA Contractors - Deborah WIlder, CCMI

State Registered Apprenticeship - Future of Work - Eric Rood, CA Department of Industrial Relations

Reports Catalog Jeopardy - Lois Goeser, LCPtracker

Hardly Known Features in LCPtracker - Monique Cox, LCPtracker

OnSite - Jeff Douglas & Michael Drinkwine, LCPtracker

Hiring Headaches & Brainstorming Solutions - Michael Bryant, TX DOT & Kristen Smith, AGC of Texas

Contractor Training 101 - Monique Cox, LCPtracker

Top 10 Compliance Tips for Public Agencies - Deborah Wilder, CCMI

Davis-Bacon - Tim Helm, former U.S. DOL

Top 10 Tips for Contractors - Jessica Finau

Advanced Reporting - JP Zimmerman

Women in Construction - Lorraine D'Angelo

Mock U.S. DOL DBA/FLSA Investigation - Timothy Helm & Leslie Stout-Tabackman

LCPcertified - David Santos & Steven Hesse

Work Smarter, Not Harder - Monique Cox

Davis-Bacon Compliance - Timothy Helm

B2gnow - KT Harrington

Community Benefits Through LCPtracker - Jennifer Ashton

Workforce Manager - Amanda Hesse

Payroll Interfaces & DPI - David Santos & Coveen Sattari

Maximizing Compliance with LCPtracker - April Medlin

LCPtracker's Basic Admin Overview - Lois Goeser

Integrating LCPtracker on Public Projects - Angela Berry Roberson

Implementing Compliance 101 - Lupe Navarro

Tips & Tools for LCPtracker Contractors - Ruby M Sephton-Villegas

Fringe Benefit for Open Shop Contractors, Nathaniel Peniston

Wages: Reducing Your Risk - Jade Doll & Lois Goeser

Best Tips for City Clients - Janece Ray